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Measuring Instruments
N&V "NEW" Tablet
Portable Sound Level Meter
Portable Vibrometer
DAT Recorders
Portable DAQ Systems
Multichannels Analyzers

Monitoring Systems
Noise monitoring systems
not-yet.jpgVibration Monitor
not-yet.jpgAir pollution monitor
Dust particle monitoring

Materials Testing
Material Testing Systems
Noise Barriers testing

Prediction Softwares
Simulation Softwares
Sound Design
Sound Quality
Acoustic simulator

Measuring Systems
Vibration testing
Acoustic Images
not-yet.jpgModal Analysis

Laser Doppler Vibrometer
Industrial Accelrometers
Acoustic Emission


not-yet.jpgElectroacoustic applications
Measurements Services
Environmental Noise
not-yet.jpgBuilding Acoustic
Architectural Acoustic
not-yet.jpgNoise and Vibrational annoyance in buildings
Noise and Vibration at workplace
N&V on roads, railways, ports and airports
not-yet.jpgStructural Vibration

not-yet.jpgNoise assesment and reduction
Noise Prediction and mapping
not-yet.jpgVibro-Acoustic calculation
Design and supply of Noise Barriers, Silencers, Acoustc chambers
not-yet.jpgNoise reduction devices design and installation in industrial, civil and environment
not-yet.jpgDesign and development of Monitor Network and urban surveillance

Data collection
Environmental monitoring of Noise,
Vibration, Air pollution
not-yet.jpgTraffic Analysis and vehicles classification
Air pollution and Dust monitoring

N V H Testing, Troubleshooting
Automotive NVH on vehicles for passengers, goods and earth moving

N & V Testing
Acoustic materials properties  (poro-elastic and poro-acoustic):
not-yet.jpgReverberation chamber
not-yet.jpgSemi-anechoic chamber
not-yet.jpgSound Power
New Products/Applications

 "Small and Portable Kundt Tube":works on 3 microphone positions using 1, 2 or 3 microphones; very convenient and practical to use in laboratory or in the field. 28mm diamter with extended LF sound source to cover Frequency range from 80Hz to 7 kHz in Narrow band (80Hz to 6.3 kHz in 1/3 octave bands.

  "Impedance tube software SCS9020B-LVDT" now more flexible and open with direct interface to physical modeling simulation software (check specific offer). Data exchange and direct interface with other systems of measurement (software and hardware), access via ActiveX, DLL, SDK, TCP-IP or other, or with reading files generated in txt format. Unique capabilities to combine tube diameters and microphones mutual distance, to optimize the "real" frequency range of valid measurement according to ISO 10534-2, ASTM E-1050, ASTM E-2611.

distran_hexacoustic_imaging-3.jpg  Sound Images System Technology Top, up to 50 kHz. DISTRAN Universal, Ultra and Omni: Acoustic Camera with astonishing features.

 SCS 9077B "the tiny box..." is the heart of Environmental Noise  Monitoring System. Updated version re-designed to support almost "any" SLM, w/out CityNoise WEB system


screenshot1copia.jpg SCS 902A Vibro-Acoustic Material Testing and Physical Parameters Prediction.

"NEW" Application Note

 "NEW" Brochure ADRIENNE

laserpoint-home-3.jpg  Laser Doppler Vibrometer by OMS: a spin off of Metrolaser inc. - Improved features and specifications for the "entry level" single beam LDV

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