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OTL Acoustics-Lib:

The Rosetta Stone of Acoustics Library


OTL Acoustics-Lib is a .Net Framework code library which allows easy implementation of complicated acoustic calculations. The main benefits of OTL Acoustics-Lib are accuracy, speed and extensibility. OTL Acoustics-Lib powers all Mediterranean Acoustics products such as Olive Tree Lab-Terrain, an outdoor sound propagation calculation software application, OTL-BASICS a Building Acoustics application to be announced soon and OTL-Room, a Room Acoustics application to be announced by the end of 2013.

OTL Acoustics-Lib can be used for the calculation of various acoustical parameters in 3D environments, for the development of custom acoustics software applications, for the execution and testing of new acoustical calculations. OTL Acoustics-Lib is powerful and easy to use. Using OTL Acoustics-Lib you can develop fully functional code within minutes and new acoustical software applications within some hours.

Demo video 1

Demo video 2


Test drive the Olive Tree Lab - Acoustics Lib
In order to demonstrate the power of OTL Acoustics-Lib, PEMARD are offering to write an application using the library based on challenging ideas*. PEMARD will provide the client a working demo with limitations on its use, for evaluation. The organisation would be able to use the application for a trial period of two months, after which they have the option to either buy the application or return the application with no further obligations. The compensation for the effort will be based on a fee for the licence of Olive Tree Lab- Acoustics Lib and on a fee according to a project brief and specs, all to be agreed in advance. PEMARD will deliver the Product’s source code and a license for OTL- Acoustics Lib as well as in house training on using Olive Tree Lab Acoustics-Lib. For more information on the library please visit www.acousticslib.com –www.mediterraneanacoustics.com or contact us on info@mediterraneanacoustics.com

Custom-Made software application   

PEMARD also offer custom made software applications using OTL – Acoustics Lib. We can create a custom application based on your brief and specifications at a fee to be agreed in advance*. PEMARD will provide the client a working demo with limitations on its use, for evaluation. You would be able to use the application for a trial period of one month, after which they have the option to either buy the application or return the application with no further obligations. For more information please contact us on info@mediterraneanacoustics.com

*P.E. MEDITERRANEAN ACOUSTICS RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT LTD reserves the right to decline working on a submitted project proposal







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Acoustics Calculations

OTL Acoustics-Lib is an engine which can perform acoustic calculations on 3D environments, for indoor and outdoor environments. OTL Acoustics-Lib can calculate the following phenomena

  • Distance Attenuation
  • Atmospheric Absorption
  • Finite impedance boundaries and objects * 
  • Reflection, using spherical wave reflection coefficients* 
  • Diffraction and scattering
  • Fresnel Zone correction for finite objects reflections (and soon for finite edge diffractions)
  • Atmospheric Turbulence
  • Frequency domain calculations
  • Time domain calculations
  • Mapping 
  • Calculation of Transfer Functions and Impulse Responses and parameters such as SPL, Excess Attenuation, Insertion Loss, RT, EDT, STI, and many more. 
  • Custom frequency analysis 
  • Coherent summation of sound path contributions*
  • Coherent and incoherent source summation
  • Sound Reduction Indices of building elements or elements combined in a wall or a building shell
  • Polar plots of the Directivity Index of SRI of individual building elements
  • Sound transmission between spaces (IN-IN, IN-OUT, OUT-IN)
  • Polar plots of the Directivity Index of SRI of building shells and pressure mapping around buildings showing Interference effects including building corners Diffraction effects

Path Detection

OTL Acoustics-Lib can also perform independent path detection on predefined 3D environments. The paths can be used for further acoustical calculations or for further processing. OTL Acoustics-Lib can

  • Detect reflections to any order using an efficient visibility tracing algorithm
  • Detect diffractions between edges to any order using a combination of BFGS and other numerical techniques
  • Detect reflected/diffracted and diffracted/reflected paths for certain objects within the geometry
  • In-depth sound path analysis (please see demo)

Extensibility and Flexibility

OTL Acoustics-Lib is also extensible and flexible. Someone can use the whole power of the library and calculate acoustic phenomena for 3D environment but also use only parts of the engine library for his needs. For example, someone might want to use only the path detection engine of the library and then apply his own calculation methods for the various phenomena. The opposite is also possible. Someone can add predefined sound paths in the engine and perform acoustical calculations on them. OTL Acoustics-Lib has the following extensibility and flexibility features

  • Ability to choose between various acoustic phenomena to be calculated
  • Ability to introduce new calculations
  • Ability to calculate predefined paths
  • Ability set criteria for path detection like reflection and diffraction order, path length and path importance.

Additional features under development


  • Wall roughness scattering
  • Finite Edge Diffraction
  • Atmospheric Refraction